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Increase of the car ceaselessly as illicit home, drove the sale of automobile body paster directly. Besides the adornment of car interior all kinds of strange things, car paster already became the the the the most intuitionistic, simplest, markeddest, most popular automobile body to play the part of cruel method. Recently, the reporter is in visited discovery of inn of articles for use of a few automobiles, as a result of increasing car advocate yearn for extraordinary, the as it happens of automobile body paster of own DIY satisfied this kind need

As we have learned, the car of 30% sticks Chinese Hong Kong have paster, japan is as high as 50% above, and Chinese inland is less than 1% . How let oneself drive extraordinary? Affixing paster is the most convenient most economic method. The dress that the paster of the car resembles a person is same, can change at any time, stem from a car completely advocate be fond of, and low-cost, general one paste paper needs a few yuan only. Paster is to use special material to be made, life has several years commonly, wash a car daily to also won't destroy paster.

The car decorates the market to go up, the car sticks material to have paper quality and colloid. The mark sex car that taking the paper car of glue of not dry back to stick is a few small design more is stuck, for instance ” of “ novice start off, “ does not kiss my ” and so on, it is very cheap that this kind of car is stuck, can not do to 10 yuan of money calm. And colloid paster (with advertisement paster a kind of material) it is larger design, for example the “ wave ” of perforative whole automobile body use the design that feels dye-in-the-wood.

Although there is of every description on the market,the car of diversity of beautiful form, design is stuck can offer a car advocate choice, but off-the-peg car is stuck often can encounter repeat pattern, or car advocate wanted design cannot be found however, reflect a car very hard so advocate individual character requirement. The reporter understands, at present two kinds of methods can solve such difficult problem.

The first kind of method, can stick inn to have something made to order to professional car, can devise good plan first by inn-keeper, choose by the user again, the reporter sticks meeting place to see in illusive car, car advocate people the conception that is him basis, by the design personnel design gives distinctive car to stick design. The design that the car sticks inn is more professional, the car is stuck also give the effect quite. Stick the chief introduction of meeting place according to illusive car, individual character of very much now pursuit and fashionable car advocate, the choice is stuck to the car have something made to order in inn oneself the car of another styles is stuck.
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