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Marriage banquet seat is arranged opportunely

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Welcome to my homepage Regular meeting has wedding breakfast after the bridal ceremony of new personality, no matter be of the form of Western-style still buffet of form of Chinese style banquet, ought to in a planned way arranges guest place. Such not only the place that can help a guest find his, and the bridal in an orderly way that allows a person to feel you. After arrangement seat plans to finish, writing mensal check also is necessary. Desk card is written not too formal, do not take ' madam ' or ' madam ' the honor of and so on. Must remember table and guest place the plan has contrasting, assure to did not omit any guests. Wedding breakfast entrance should set an autograph to have person specially assigned for a task or job everywhere how-to guest is entered perhaps stick one Zhang Zun bitmap, there are the guest's full name and mensal number on the graph, so that make a guest very fast,find oneself place. In wedding breakfast advocate seat name lot should be put on the desk, other table need not be put. On very formal wedding, if you consider the number a certain table, so that let a guest have mutual introduction, you also can put a lot before his seat. Advocate desk the core that is wedding breakfast, in wedding breakfast situation is indispensable. Be in advocate desk the has new personality both sides father and mother that take a seat, parental elder, leader and chief witness at a wedding ceremony. Advocate the quantitative basis of the desk number how many and calm can also can be two. Advocate desk should highlight than other table locally in what put a few, fastidious should be compared on its adornment, but lest,ornamental shoulds not be too tall the line of sight of keep out guest. Advocate the seat of the desk has a variety of placing law, the face introduces a few kinds to everybody below. One, new personality sits in advocate everybody is faced in the center of the desk, the elder of the mother that left of father of the mother that left of the father that bridegroom sits in bridal left, bride left is him, father that bridal right is him, bridegroom father is him, bride is her, parents sits opposite of new personality, chief witness at a wedding ceremony sits in the honoured guest on the edge of elder to sit on edge of chief witness at a wedding ceremony. 2, new personality does not take a seat, the father of bridegroom sits in advocate in the center of the desk, his left is bridal father, the mother of bridegroom sits opposite of his father, her left is bridal mother, elder takes a seat in bridal father edge, chief witness at a wedding ceremony takes a seat in bridal mother side, honoured guest sits on edge of chief witness at a wedding ceremony. 3, if new personality is familial very big advocate desk cannot arrange, can arrange two advocate parents of desk both sides is in each advocate on the desk (married brother sister can be arranged in advocate on the desk, OK also and independent arrangement is mensal) bilateral elder, bilateral honoured guest sits on two desks respectively. 4, it is OK also to be used to according to a few customs the parents new personality, elder divides his according to sexual cent desk for two desks. Advocate what put at the back of the desk is table of relative of family of new personality both sides, the kin that bilateral left is bridegroom, colleague, friend is from the back, right is the kin of accurate bride, colleague, friend.
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