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The 80 fashionable wedding after do not want ostentation and extravagance to wan

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Welcome to my homepage On bridal stage, not be the balloon of sweet rose and pink, however brick wall, abatis, still have by step regard as the bride of bridegroom of arena aerosol; after aerosol plays explosion also is not marriage gauze business suit, fastening interphone, a suit however confuse colour to take, an emulation gun still was registered on the neck... as marry in new personality " 80 hind " proportion is higher and higher, similar such originality is bridal, also more and more the new personality reception that gets Hangzhou, and marriage celebrate a company to also take advantage of a favorable situation dozens big " originality " card, with period do big " marriage celebrate " this big cake. Originality wedding starts in Hang Shang place Wang Xiang of level Hangzhou person plans to held wedding May this year. How to decorate in wedding on, he refused marriage the car of top class house that celebrates a company to recommend serves, should propose however celebrate a company to use hydrogen balloon on every pieces of table of marriage banquet, angle the happy candy of one basket. Wait for a ceremony to arrive, break the balloon by bridegroom, let be fond of candy to be scattered from inside sky fall down... Qing Liyi of marriage of dark sweet float engineers Hangzhou the chief Wu Jiabing of the company also carried on Feburary this year a wedding that provides originality very much. Bridal place is in dimension scene international, new personality comes from team of Hangzhou fire control. The likelihood is professional relation, newlywed person is right " water " quite preference, did " seaside " bridal: The shop on whole place has a beach, there is conch on sign in stage, cake also the appearance of make it jellyfish, feeling letting a person is very novel...   but in fact, originality wedding still is in in Hangzhou start level. "With Shanghai and north photograph of a few cities is compared, hangzhou new personality still slants quite traditional. " Hangzhou fashion (marriage celebrate) Zhu Jianjun of chief inspector of culture transmission limited company says, hangzhou new personality chooses, still be a banquet commonly go up ' small long small fill ' , and the bridal like underwater, wedding in sky, houseboat wedding, false face is orgiastic and bridal wait, still compare at present scarce: "If be in Shanghai,10 have individuation of 5 pairs of choices to new philtrum, hangzhou is current and likely just 1 pair, development potential is tremendous. "   beautiful money buys originality to although originality wedding still is in in Hangzhou,be accepted gradually start level, but from marriage in light of the circumstance that celebrates company and understanding of store of marriage gauze photography, "80 hind " new people, with them " elder people " photograph comparing, go after individuation to be being accepted by new people place gradually. "The consumptive idea of new personality is occurrent change, spend money to buy originality to had become a kind of consensus at least. " the committee member that another identity of Zhu Jianjun is committee of art of Qing Yi of Hangzhou city marriage, from the point of their investigation, the object that new personality consumes produced apparent change: "Before a few years new personality goes after ostentation and extravagance, it is to spend 20000 yuan likewise, the flower is hiring the likelihood a car, pat marriage gauze to illuminate on be about expenditure 70% above, what purchase a service truly is very few. And present new personality pays attention to a service more, aux would rather do not rent a car, rent car less, be willing to bury sheet for an idea however. " the new personality adviser that Hangzhou dragon photographs also says, compare the scene pattern that the company rolls out, new personality prefers to measure what have something made to order personally to film. Olympic Games year marriage celebrate market business chance tremendous because 2008 is an Olympic Games year, the option goes into the youth of marital hall very much this year, end, 5 old the city zone had registered Hangzhou this year conjugal new personality, exceeded 6000 pairs. "The new personality that old the city zone of Hangzhou of second half of the year marries may exceed 10000 pairs. " Zhu Jianjun celebrated the market to undertake an analysis to the marriage this year, "The service fee that at present most new personality chooses is in 5000-10000 yuan, plus by rent 6 marriage car, pat 3000-4000 yuan marriage gauze reflects consideration, total outlay is in about 15000-20000 yuan / right. Such calculating come, eliminate meal expenditure, second half of the year of Hangzhou new personality serves the defray that go up in wedding, probably 200 million yuan business can be done. "   and Wu Jiabing's view is more optimistic: "Common plan is about this price, and the new personality so much that goes after originality now, impose on a few additional requirements, expense increases 20% above at least, so, once originality wedding begins popularity, market space still can be increased. "
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