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The makeup look that the bride before marriage should master and food

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1. you should maintain your hand, fingernail of foster cordial relations between countries. Suggest you want to wipe everyday some protect a hand to cream
You should ask 2. dentist is clean your tooth.
3. fosters cordial relations between states brow.
A few eyedrop drip before 4. makes up, this can make your eye some brighter (because felt tired certainly that day) .
5. has blain blain must not oneself go squeezing, inflammation fester is more troublesome. Tea tree can be used in the home or lavender diminish inflammation and go scar, every time at palmar center, nod again in affected part.
Should notice on 6. food delicate, such taste will be better, and won't oedema. If eat vegetables and fruits more, drink yoghurt more, intestines and stomach will be some more comfortable.
7. notices beautiful hair maintain, must not take a risk to do what new hair style a few days ago in wedding, once the result is bad, will become " the graveyard that marriage is love " optimal spokesman.
8. shifts to an earlier date 3 months begin 2 ~ to do the skin to nurse regularly.
The work and rest with 9. good nurturance is used to.
Of 10. wedding do not drink water more in the evening before today, before sleeping especially half hour, get up the following day otherwise, assure to become " giant panda " .
11. is bridal that day, if not be the problem that the eye has what spy to fasten, had better not stick double-fold eyelid, not too Guo Yanli, pure and fresh figure suits a bride more.
Although 12. fingernail is small, very notable also, the most important did not stay too longly namely, the appearance that produces awkwardness possibly when wearing marriage gauze glove otherwise -- silk of fingernail lacerate bud.

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