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10 coup of individual character wedding

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As 2008 Olympic Games year arrival, will enter period of blowout of the next marriage again. According to the government not complete count, the 2008 people of a new type that are about to enter marital hall " 80 hind " occupy 70% above. "80 hind " it is pursuit ego, the generation that do sth unconventional or unorthodox, also reflect likewise go up to bridal requirement in them. Today, the reporter is special also invite Zhao Yuanai graceful · to marry the presiding wedding of square is advisory, share the bridal excellent plan of extraordinary jointly with the new people 2008.

Bridal adornment

1. Replace all machine-made bridal adornment, the desk that arranges different feeling according to the characteristic of every desk guest is beautiful, change the dinner service of different color, perhaps place in the spot clean out the delicate candlestick that come. You can change mensal size even, anyhow does everything the originality that you think to resemble opening Party to feel euqally in the home!   

2. Want to make whole and bridal spot finds everything new and fresh, romance much appearance, the quickest and effective method adds element of curtain of a few gauze namely.

3. To inviting the wedding of band add to the fun for, guests are sure during wedding can join the look Xiang Le group, because this did not forget,be all round band make good decoration. Can resemble KTV embedding in the backside of band a few glass are decorated euqally, next complementary with attractive lamplight. Also can decorate band with dinkum wistaria flower all round, anyhow all adornment are to achieve the atmosphere that Luo Mandi overcomes.

4. Sweet, romantic, close atmosphere is built in bridal spot with candle power. But do not need to arrange candlestick on each pieces of table, the area of about 1/3 has candle power to be able to achieve glaring and moving spot result.

5. On wedding, guests are attracted can chronically by bridal cake place, because this needs,show cake faultlessly your visitor. The mirror with one side and cake same size is laid in the backside of cake, perhaps be in mirror of one side of suspension of cake upper part, this meeting brings dual visual impact and 360 degrees vision to enjoy to the guest.

Marriage banquet meal

6. If marriage banquet uses buffet form, best can design a square stage, can assure visitor so people in stage all around can take food.

7. The table that a piece of standard furnishs won't so the attention that draws visitor. Remember putting the seat card with a few cabinet and lovely flower, delicate desks on table, perhaps use the cup flood beer that chooses meticulously, vodka and lotion.   

8. The memory that marriage banquet always leaves visitor finally is the deepest also be the most abiding. Because this is before bridal end, you can present the food of a few special originality visitors, if write the cookie of full acknowledgment language, the bread that has artistic feeling is waited a moment.
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