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Henan people court maintained the marriage of sibling of the relationship betwee

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At first sight is case of divorce of sibling of the relationship between the children of a brother and a sister, think simple, belong to " marriage law " 3 generation of the 7th " of the first regulation less than is collateral line and consanguineous ban marriage case " , ought to basis " marriage law " the 10th the 2nd paragraph " has prohibit marrying the marriage that the relative concerns is invalid the regulation of " , "Declare tentativelies this the marriage of cousin is invalid " , actually otherwise, the " way way inside this bends curved " to make collegiate bench

1979 up to now, I am engaged in trying the job already 29 year, what sentence a career with confrontation is clinging with pursuit, handled more than 1500 civil case, there is no lack of among them difficulty case, a few court decisions that in collective of sufficient play collegiate bench wisdom avoids are undeserved in the case, the most unforgettable before should be being belonged to before long, namely that aunt cousin of Spring Festival aftertreatment divorces this year case.

Forensic file shows, 1979 autumn, henan is saved on the west gorge county the Guo Meiling of one a mountainous area hamlet (alias) , as provincial as the Henan that lives in photograph adjacent Liu Shuang of cousin of home of countryside county aunt (alias) , go up in person in " add close " idea to abet, by place farming common held wedding, but did not register formalities to conduction marriage of civil administration branch. Afterwards 6 years, guo Meiling was not borne all the time because of disease of department of gynaecology, hind via demanding medical service with all possible means, two people gave birth to one girl 1986, bore one boy again 1997. 2003, to make rich family more wealthy, guo Meiling of 44 years old will be in school the child that reads leaves grandpa, mother-in-law to attend, oneself go out Wu labour. First when, guo Meiling still is collected toward the home from time to time 300, 500 yuan, but remit money did not see again after 2 years. January 2008, the Guo Meiling that did not return 4 many years returns suddenly, with two people marriage department parents monopolizes, without emotional foundation, often get angry fight, it is painful to cannot be borne live and run away from home, and in order to live apart for burst of 4 years of sentimentality, sue to the court, request and marital Liu Shuang divorce.

I am when carbon of indictment of service Guo beautiful Ling, have villager report, the photograph before the Guo Meiling now and this is compared disparate, also can saying is to if,be sentenced two people, it is style of conversation little straightforward, much polite, show trifling and gentle and quiet. 2 it is dress decent, little Philistine, much decorous, reveal the civilization that gives oppidan. Also the villager guesses: She a young worker is outer can how many money of 掙 , though dress is not coquettish not lead, but overall apparently better than local much, besides did not come home 4 years, come back to make a divorce, affirmation is outer hang a rich " a third party " . Guess cannot become evidence, but a bit can affirm: Work 4 years career makes Guo Meiling changes really, become civilized. Look, "The environment edifies " this old saying a bit truly.
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