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Henan vogue is bridal: 30 autocycle marry a bride

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Henan employed composition of many 30 luxurious autocycle to greet close motorcade when a pair of new personality marriage, caused sensation, highly praise sound to cross Ao Di A6 high to greet close motorcade. Motorcade presides over a wedding ceremony mediumly the car is a value ten yuan plain Qi " igneous god " autocycle, the others autocycle mostly also value 50 thousand yuan of above. 23 days, yan of Nanyang girl king was become " the happiest person on the world " , she married, bridegroom official is to be in what Zhengzhou works to unseal brave of boy king Wei -- an IT industry worker that loves to play autocycle. Introduce according to organizing Mr Zhou of motorcade, the car hand that joins wedding this people have the job at ordinary times, playing this kind of high-grade autocycle is to stem from a hobby purely. In 30 autocycle, great much value is in 50 thousand yuan of above.

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