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Niu Jianfeng is married province team advocate Shuai Xinlang proposes to scatter

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On July 6, the day of Shijiazhuang is very blue very blue, sunshine is burning, in this Olympic Games year common a day, the Niu Jianfeng of ping-pong world champion of native place Heibei got married. She 27 years old decides to end love long-distance race 8 years, become a young woman, was in house of provincial capital white Lou Bin yesterday, went up with strong pace of annals of male friendly Liu red carpet.

Who is Liu Zhijiang? Yesterday one big early, busy move is decorated marriage the air hostess that celebrates the spot people the wedding that discussing Niu Jianfeng chirp, "Wait for meeting, did not forget to look for her to sign, her husband grows quite handsomely. " there is Niu Jianfeng only in their eye, bridegroom is costar. Really, compare the Niu Jianfeng of widely known, small Liu Xingguang was differred a lot of, chinese ping-pong is before him female team " male side female " accompany practice, now is practice of bishop of team of ping-pong of Heibei province man, though wedding is bridegroom normally,sing leading role, but this Xiaoliu is gotten " be deceived " , accept oneself are sung " costar " bridal.

Draw near midday, car of marriage of Lincoln of a lengthen is taking vast and mighty motorcade to sail Bai Lou, new personality Xiaoliu's coach and Niu Jianfeng get off. Change of bridegroom business suit is walked on times spirit, but beside the Niu Jianfeng of gauze of standing a white marriage just grabs lens absolutely. New personality welcomes guest, became the meeting that chase after a star, come and go person, basic metropolis and new personality syncretic piece, bridal smile is filled with, bridegroom heats up sweat dc. Xiaoliu manages to find time go brushing sweat, the cat rushed forward completely at a draught in the air hostess part of speech of the for a long time in the corner, mix in turn bridal group photo.

Young clerk " desolate " bridegroom as hired hand in certain trades, they do not understand at all in those days small Liu Zhui " ox " have much pain, but one salver ball chases after one salver,come out then. Xiaoliu was 2000 Sydney and main force of two Olympic Games female teams of Athenian accompanied practice 2004, meet girl of a Baoding when groups a Tang Shan is small, in so big capital, produced the close move on ground predestined relationship very easily. How do also telling two people brush a love scintilla, anyway for company of small Liu for company became Niu Jianfeng practice main force, 2004 is first in the much ping that breath out a world contest organization surpasses caw of first try warbler, make world champion dream, later again with female Olympic Games of Athens of 3 identities go out for a battle, brave seizes female double bronze medal. Grow as age, xiaoliu answers a province to take ferula, niu Jianfeng lets virtuous posterity, essence of life faithful knot of patriotic happy event of one organic to loving a talented person meeting enjoys even manage happy hour.

"They because ping-pong become attached to, successful most of Niu Jianfeng should be attributed to Liu Zhijiang, the affirmation on milistary exploit chapter has small Liu in part. " before bishop of national group female group drills Liu Yuancheng comes from Beijing the wedding that attends love sentence, director coach Qiaoxiao protects national group of Niu Jianfeng and " boudoir is sweet " Ding Ying of belle of Beijing University ping-pong all shows up congratulation. Still have, little of course not Wang Tingting of younger sister of the Xiaoshi that be the same as the door, became obligatorily this a matron of honour. High friend capacity audience, parents is in good health, though do not have houseboat, did not heat up a balloon, but have smoke of 5 grain fluid, China, langouste, Lincoln car and plunge drop, teacher, little younger sister, boudoir honey, not little, the most important is the hot tear that still spot of a handsome man proposes (Xiaoliu's coach is so excited that Xiaoliu's coach cried) , he is willing bend its are all marry the home brings back Niu Jianfeng like the princess. Give bit of applause, bless them to live to old age in conjugal bliss.
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