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Zhang Ziyi marries next year male friend admits two people already were engaged

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The marriage of Jia Ling of Liang Chaowei Liu hearsay still diffuses in air, the message that Zhang Ziyi has been engaged subsequently and come.

Have hot mouth from photograph of edge of NBA competition ground, to carefree ground rides bicycle to take a walk, show a body to sweetness again costly group is right, the amour of male friendly ViviNevo suffers Zhang Ziyi and foreign nationality fully all the time attention. A few days ago, viviNevo exposes to the sun oneself: Will marry Oriental beautiful woman at next year!

ViviNevo marries from next year exposing to the sun

ViviNevo of partner of Zhang Ziyi and new York tycoon of 41 years old, China accept is in love more than one year, pull a hand to attend public circumstance beautiful sweetness together for many times. Let a lot of people believe, zhang Ziyi and mysterious, low-key trade are huge child marrying is time problem only. But Zhang Ziyi calculates those who wore 12 carat " plunge drop " , also did not disclose marriage dispatch external from beginning to end.

Local time on July 8, zhang Ziyi appears on Allen & Co in American Idaho city along with ViviNevo. Media annual meeting. ViviNevo rare ground is high-key that day, expert not only admit to already was engaged with Zhang Ziyi, still disclose will beautiful woman at marrying east next year. The Zhang Ziyi that sits beside ViviNevo appears very low-key, face of block of Hei Chao glasses, the face does not have expression.

Marry to also do not abandon movie career

Last year in May, zhang Ziyi ever was in knock gently ViviNe mentions to media below the testimony of blue sky of accept blue sea - Vo: "This individual that I encounter, make me be convinced, revere, let me acquire more, ceaseless and plump oneself. I present am quite good, very happy, renown ah benefit, I was short of, the job, life, I am capable to choose, the feeling has particularly chew a head. The feeling has particularly chew a head..

Ask her how with ViviNevo become attached to, she says: "I think some privacy reservation, but cover our Chinese to say ' the word is not congenial half many ' , I take a whole world, a lot of people do not go namely at the same place, come up against this individual eventually now, can acquire from his body a lot of, he is willing to accompany me, also give me freedom, I felt to find happiness. " " my in one's heart is very traditional, the hope has a family, have marriage, have love, have the child, I think these morning and evening want to come true. " second him refer thinks Zhang Ziyi Ceng Duo the desire that marries to give birth to a child, as to the romantic wedding in the illusion occasion is what kind of, she laughs say " had not thought, it is good to arrange its to be compared naturally " , whether will the wedding that does not tell next year be to reach its royal century wedding.

Zhang Ziyi still discloses, even if marriage, also won't abandon movie career. "The motion picture that has me just has the value that I exist, besides my effort is so long, just go to today, if do not take sport, doesn't filmgoer regret dead? Doesn't filmgoer regret dead??
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