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Guo Taiming wedding of 26 days of get married get married is contracted marriage

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According to Taiwan media coverage, guo Taiming of president of nicety of Taiwan grand sea 26 days of great rejoicing, wedding will be held in Jun Yue restaurant, banquet opens 30 desks, give priority to a problem with contracted environmental protection. Chief witness at a wedding ceremony decides by president of stage accumulating report Zhang Zhongmou is held the position of, preside over a wedding ceremony the person has not been knocked calm.
Guo Taiming kisses post of manuscript happy event, with " although belong to accidental, it is lot truly, ' true ' sincere photograph is waited for, ' be apt to ' heart hug, ' beautiful ' family dependant day is become. We should marry, the happiness that invites you cordially to share us and joyance " , did open-armed annotate on for this lot.

Answer Taiwan authorities policy of simple environmental protection, wedding of Guo stage inscription also gives priority to a problem with contracted environmental protection, in Jun Yue restaurant banquet opens 30 desks 26 days, without fim, abalone and langouste, do not receive case gift to also do not collect a flower. Guo Xiaoling of son Guo Shouzheng, daughter will be attended personally. In close kin good friend, also have the good friend that performs art circle, include the Wang Weizhong, Zhang Fei, Fei Yuqing, Cai Qin, metropolis such as Ge Fuhong to show up.

Bridal spokesman Ding Jingyi expresses, can arrange these good friends to appear on the stage to say to bless a word, but perform without special arrangement. Whether can the bride have a show as to bridegroom, ding Jingyi expresses, everything still is in program conception, wedding meets those who bestrew Guo Taiming be thought of meticulously opportunely certainly.

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