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"Wedding photographer" wedding mixed teams million items stolen

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Yesterday morning, Liu daughters married is a big day, being busy, the man's a man posing as photographer, entering into the wedding of the team, Liu stole 7,000 yuan in cash, plus a gold necklace and bracelet set. Liu, who lives in Hong Kong Road, opposite the city center of women and children, several friends said, from 11 am 30 minutes, when the man to get married, the wedding more than the team's next to a man holding a camera, about 30 years old, I saw a very decent man pretending to look at carefully before and after the team shoot for a moment, but also kept telling people about greeting, and then on the sixth floor of the Liu family room. At that time, men, woman are a number of photographers who requested, and the two parties did not know each other, so the man no one care about the whereabouts of the owner a signle seat, Diyan, tea. According to Liu introduced the bride to her family and friends surrounded by the many ready to go spend car, posing for the photographer that got into the room to steal. The bride's mother said her daughter spent out car, home, people are followed down the stairs to get close to him, voices and with great joy in not the slightest warning, came back only to find room in the drawer of the money and gold and silver jewelry were stolen go. Subsequently, Liu reported to the police, I hope the police can detect the fake photographer thieves. Liu married women in huge amount of property stolen, the newspaper has received a tip lines: Qiaokou Road, a hotel, a man posing as wedding staff, from the wedding of the host family cheated three cigarettes.
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