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Jinan wedding next year, the wedding would be the fire company and the hotel "j

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Decided on the wedding day shoot wedding photos, wedding optimistic about the company, but I could definitely not the hotel. Nana to face the public square of this bothering. Smart wedding company and found the opportunity, have with the hotel "join as a partner" to start business. New company if they can set their own wedding services, could easily set the hotel, but also enjoy the wedding services and wedding price discounts. The hotel was lit for the couple to set Next year the public square Nana married in September, so she worry that next year people seem very much to marry, the hotel has failed to settle down. "Really makes people anxious to get angry, blistering of the mouth is." Flat Nana look helpless. Set the wedding for August this year, she and her husband began to spend time with to find hotels, busy in a circle found any favorite hotels, wedding prices are too expensive. Are both slightly lower level booked. "Just can not postpone the wedding, right?" Last month the company told her wedding, a hotel company had just signed the contract, if not for the wedding company, not only set a wedding in the hotel, the price also cheap. Breaking with flat fingers calculated that Nana: 1,200 yuan per table wedding, the price discount of about 9 play, 30 tables to save 3,600 yuan, the price can be wedding Province 200. "Could save the province, anyway, the wedding have to do." Flat Nana finally sighed with relief. "Eat regularly," Showmanship guaranteed source No effect by the spring of this year, Jinan wedding market "very cold." Get through this year, many companies have been at daggers drawn wedding, rushing customers. "Wedding next year, sure fire, first month is over, the company will work again. The whole March, has a wedding every weekend." Wedding, a company Manager Yao Nan Xin Zhuang said. In the competition for customers at the same time, some wedding companies to look toward the hotel, through both forms of cooperation, play discount card, to attract customers. "Everyone grab this piece of wedding cake, the light that price certainly can not." Wedding's open, Ms. Wan said that this year in October, the company less the wedding business. She used it more than two months time, the rapid and co-operation agreement signed more than 10 hotels. "Guaranteed source companies and hotels, customers can also receive benefits." Ms. Wan said, especially in the winter and summer, a relatively small number of marriages, the company has been cooperative and hotel, during which both sides can also guarantee money earned. Hotels target fame and fortune Press survey found that the way to take this cooperation to mostly mid-range hotels, most four and five star hotels are very few such cooperation. "Hotel companies choose to cooperate with the wedding, there must be a certain size and strength. Strive to achieve both fame and fortune." Hua Bin Central Hotel Manager Li said the General Assembly, which must also be good publicity as products and packaging, as rookie certainly willing to choose high levels of wedding planning company, the hotel's source can guaranteed. Over time, the partners will win. "We will not force the new company chosen wedding, the couple can still choose." He said. However, the public forms of cooperation in this business there are concerns: "would not be mandatory spending?" "For the hotel and wedding companies, this is like a promotional way, who do not want to shoot yourself in the foot. But consumers should also pay attention to protecting their rights from being damaged. "City Wedding Association, said high-Secretary-General. Urgent wedding industry chain integration Ministry of Civil Affairs published data show that in 2009, the country had 11,458,000 pairs of couples married and registered the second consecutive year the number has exceeded 10 million pairs of mark, boosting the strong growth of Chinese wedding consumption. Survey Center of China in the wedding industry, "China Spring Wedding Expo 2010," published data show that urban residents in 2009 married the direct result of total spending has more than 6000 billion yuan, and maintain a steady upward trend. "Jinan wedding market needed a process, and integration of related industries is a serious problem." Association of high-Secretary-General that the City wedding, wedding companies and hotels, is a resource co-integration services to be regulated if the two sides can not only improve wedding industry barriers to entry to protect the new interest, the hotel industry, this is a fight the quality of service process. High-Secretary-General said, with the new diversity of demand trends, wedding ceremony, the wedding service industry, and the associated wedding dress, wedding photography, a series of image data such as demand continues to increase. While demand is increasing, but at present can fully meet these needs, providing a package of solutions for the wedding service companies are rare.
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