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Accompany " 10 sister "- - common of marriage of the Tujia nationality

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Accompany " 10 sister " the marriage common that is the Tujia nationality, the girl gets married before today, 9 maiden girls surround banquet and sit please, sing " wish song " , earthy home person " accompany 10 sister song " .

Accompanying 10 sister is the grandest ceremony in common of marriage of the Tujia nationality. Dimensions big, content work of much, form, atmosphere is thick it is the characteristic that accompanies 10 sister. Accompany 10 sister to get married in the girl hold in the evening before today, at nightfall, the Gong Zhusheng in the central room that putting girl dowry goods brightness, cigarette winds around. Two pieces of vermilion tables are placed in central room among, put on the desk have the sweet fruit cake and sunflower, Chinese chestnut, walnut, dried fruit such as earthnut, maid surrounds the 9 earth home that is requested desk and sit, accompany a bride to sing 10 sister song, those who call accompany 10 sister. Listen to the three-layer outside the three-layer in the person that the song watchs the scene of bustle, squeeze watertightly. Until dawn of singing all night, a time just falls next heavy curtain.

Accompany 10 sister to have regular program. First by sing sister song adept person sings ” of song of “ begin a theatrical performance: 10 sisters will sit please, listen to me to sing a song of begin a theatrical performance. A piece of table 4 horn, magpie stands on 4 horn. Rice is contained in magpie mouth, the day does not show a song not to fall. The eastern side sings in the west receive, sing tonight collect is troubled by heat. Our sister sits all round, sing a song the word is parting. Song of this begin a theatrical performance resembles the throttle valve of reservoir, gate is opened, song billow billow comes, their unrestrained and far -ranging, to the top of one's bent and song. Sing content very rich, have the attack of pair of old systems, have the rag to go-between, have the voice of pair of old affection, have the yearning of pair of close affection, have the praise to the woman, have the longing to future. Libretto accident is become sentence, style is pure and fresh, commend trenchant, have past dynasties according to legend, also have extemporaneous creative work, be full of rhyme and happy feeling mostly. In singing a process, girls constant with “ 10 ” are a problem, creation has “ 10 want ” , “ 10 sing ” , “ 10 think ” , “ 10 love ” , “ ” of 10 cups of wine, “ in December ” , cry sung content widens ceaselessly and outspread. Girl the sight stir up one's feelings, when midnight snack, they sing the content of assist chef craft and place area. The bride sings ” of song of “ pour wine to acknowledge even numerous sister, be thankful the favour that ancestor heart and redound parents foster. Listen please: Ignite red candle snuff to leave, 9 younger sister accompany 9 elder sister I come. Will become sworn brothers on reunion desk, be better than is the same as woman in all mother bosom. I come to wine tonight pour, farewell big Tang Zusan is acting. Female be a woman collect connected through one's relatives, grown adult knows anyhow ……
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