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Traditional Chinese style is bridal: The history of go-between

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China says marital introduction is factitious since ancient times ' go-between ' , be like " fly southeast the peacock " : ' go-between of A Mu Bai, poor and lowly has this female, only then comfortable return a door. ' but go-between says besides this one common outside, still have many another name.

Yuan Zhen of soubrette Tang Dynasty is made " warbler warbler is passed " , write Zhang Sheng and Cui warbler warbler to love each other, the lady-in-waiting soubrette via Cui is set from which seek match, make this becomes spouses eventually to the lover, later generations is occupied it is in order to act " compartment is written down on the west " poetic dram set to music. After this, ‘ soubrette ’ became the another name of go-between.

Cut down stalks or branch " cut down of  of wind of Bin of  of The Book of Songs stalks or branch " : Does ‘ cut down stalk or branch how? Bandit axe cannot, take wife how? Bandit intermediary is not gotten. ’ " middle " : ‘ hold Ke Yi cut down stalks or branch. ’ later, call go-between ’ of ‘ cut down stalking or branch or Ke Ren ’ of ‘ cut down, call matchmaking ‘ hold ’ stalking or branch. Wu Zimu of the  that be like the Song Dynasty " espouse of  of dream Liang Lu " : Ke Ren of ‘ its cut down is reported twice, choose an auspicious day passes post. Baoshanben points to ’ like the guarantor with euqally firm and reliable hill. Be like " red Lou Meng " the 119th: He says ‘ 2 father are not in the home, old lady becomes a winner, besides still has an uncle to do protect hill. ’ because this, old times also another namer go-between protects hill ’ for ‘ .

Glacial person " 紞 of all alone of Jin Shu  passes " : ‘ Xiaolian makes Hu Mengli ice, with glacial servent language. 紞 says: “ is ice for this world, shade is below ice; Thing of yin and yang also. Person if return wife, ice waiting till not Pan, marital work also. On Jun Zaibing with glacial servent language, for positive sign shade, agency work also. Gentleman makes intermediary when humanness, put Pan on the ice and marriage into ” . ’ later, call go-between glacial person.

Intermediary Shuo intermediary, call seek combine 2 last names; Shuo, call consider 2 surnames. Say male say intermediary, female say Shuo. " Mencius  Teng Wen is fair " below: The life of parents of ‘ prep before, the character of intermediary Shuo, get acupuncture point unoccupied place photograph to peep, look of even more fence from, criterion parents, compatriots all of cheap. Put down in writing of fiction of ’ month Laotang's person, city of the Song Dynasty of classics of night of solid of Wei of Tang Dynasty person, encounter one old person leans on bursa and sit, to lunar check book. Solid asks a check He Shu. Answer: The marriage wooden tablets or slips for writing of the world. Why to ask the bare in bursa the rope is used again? Answer: With fastening husband and wife sufficient, although region of enemy home different, this rope is, cannot avoid eventually. Fabulous this old person is director Hymen, reason the another namer that with ‘ month ’ of old, every month old, matchmaker regards go-between as.
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