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The arrangement of banquet seat is fond of in traditional wedding

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The honour low that happy banquet wants to press guest grows young platoon to decide a seat, those who say for " entertain guests " , or " quiet settle or live in a strange place " . The principle of pew is to go up honour next low, right honour left low, the guest grows by its young with the identity, position from arrive high low form seating arrangement.

The chairman should be placed in the Founder on central room, ask “ to kiss ” to sit greatly a right chair, the father of bridegroom or uncle sit a left chair company, the others grows young check the number to enter by honour low.

Divide central room outside banquet, second exalted one banquet is placed in bridal chamber, the mother that asks a bride sits the first place, by the mother of bridegroom or aunt company. Other the seat of each banquet also should press platoon of honour low order to decide commonly.

After seat platoon is decided, the attendant announces to move Le Ming artillery piece to open a banquet, bridegroom should propose a toast to presiding pour wine first, the word toast that say a few words thankses, next, the kitchen opens the first dish to come, push marriage banquet to the climax.

The food and drink of each banquet should an appearance, only male big close ” mixes “ the seat that female big close ” is in “ , general rule must have steamed pig upper part of a leg of pork. And, bridegroom wants hour expect to be by the side of the desk, wait to ” pour wine, towel sending heat kisses on “ , in order to show respect.

Before end happy banquet, go-between escapes already, calling “ escapes banquet ” . If does not go, “ washs the person of intermediary ” to be able to wipe his face into boiler bottom. After end happy banquet, close ” arrives first on “ retreat central room to rest a little while, eat some of snack, say some of polite formula by man elders for company, wait for personnel regularly doing certain odd jobs to evacuate place area, swept the ground, rise with respect to this in person greatly said good-bye. Face when rising, the bridegroom's or husband's family wants “ to dismiss and so on of ” dress material, footgear, cultured still has red package. “ sends big close ” is another lively occasion, the person with all and honorable the bridegroom's or husband's family should send a doorway, cry even prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun is moved happy, respect in order to show.

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