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Traditional marriage common: Male had ordered send a present in return of ceremo

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Male had revised price of gift case gift Feng Jian by the person

Male had ordered frugal of abundant of price of gift case gift by the person

Ceremony cake (100 jins)

Choice seafood distributes form, 6 type, or 8 type, design and amount inspect economic condition and decide. Normally every cent does two packets, no matter how many jins. Delivering food is indispensable, of other have: Chi of abalone, oyster, yuan shellfish, dried mushrooms, dried, squid, holothurian, fim and maw are waited a moment.

Chicken of 3 animal sacrifice two pairs (two hero two female, if parents is not complete, criterion a pair sufficient already) , pork 3 remove Shuang Fei to 5 jins (be linked together one piece namely 2) .

Piscine big fish or dace, take its raw meat or fish (sound) gas.

Coco two pairs (if parents is not complete, criterion a pair sufficient already) , take its to have coconut child.

Wine foreign wine or rice wine in all 4.

Longan of 4 Beijing fruit is dry, article limb, add up to peach to work to connect housing earthnut namely.

Unripe fruit is taken unripe unripe fierce fierce desire.

Because tea, sesame seed cultivates tea to must use a seed, reason often is a gift with tea, wish namely cultivate what do not move child, also metaphor is good once conclude marriage is made an appointment with, want be as good as one's word not change, do not have absolutely go back on one's word, i.e. is alleged " oily Ma Chali " .

Post box (case gift box)

Have inside lotus seed, lily, Qing Lv, flat cypress, Bin coco is two right, sesame seed, ormosia, gram, red jujube, add up to peach doing, longan doing, still having ormosia rope, interest is, hire gold, adorn gold, and Long Fengzhu reachs couplet one pair.

Remarks: Cake of all case gift, ceremony and gift all need even numbers, been take is geminate meaning.

Recompense of woman of recompense of the bride's side, must have tea and unripe fruit, other still has lotus lotus root, taro, pomegranate, each pair; He Weijin; Trousers (long-lived riches and honour) ; Leather belt, silver-colored bag (inside buy benefit is) reach a shoe a pair (meaning arrive with in the company of old) ; Flat cypress, ginger; Time hire caboodle of decoct of gold, tea, sponge cake coco of big hair, Bin suffers, remainder answers the bridegroom's or husband's family completely (show one man arrives end) .

Remarks: Must not send a handkerchief, the meaning that generally refer to parts company.

" please period " namely the bridegroom's or husband's family asks fortune-telling gentleman choose an auspicious day, decided auspicious of get married get married in the future, send a person to tell the wife's family namely, seek the opinion of the bride's side, call please period, say again " beg day " , say today " choose an auspicious day " .
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