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Korea tradition is bridal 10 courtesy

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If you want to come type of a Korea is bridal, bridal courtesy can not tell decathlon Korea convention oh!

1. marriage talks

Before the traditional wedding of Korea is held, the domestic state that family of both sides of male and female wants to know the other side each other through go-between, knowledge and bearing. If each other the word of good impression wants parents to meet first, before he marry, so some moment had not seen the other side. After agreeing to marry each other, common man asks “ first marriage book ” gives the woman. If the woman has conjugal idea to make “ marriage book ” sends the man, discuss next marriage hold water.

2. accept is collected

Receive make marriage book, man home can be written on ” of “ Na Caiwen and “ 4 column ” , wrap with red cloth outfit send a bride the home. Receive “ the birth date that the new a married woman's parents' home of 4 column ” will hold bridal bridegroom and bride with respect to can serious reference, choose bridal date and time, draw up on white paper ” of “ tiny stream auspicious sends bridegroom the home again next.


4 column of —— : Pressing the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches of 60 a cycle of sixty years, record birth date and be born the letter of time.

—— Na Caiwen: To making the acknowledgment of marriage the article is mixed let the other side single out marry the greeting of date and time.

—— tiny stream auspicious: The new a married woman's parents' home that accepts 4 column form on traditional wedding sends the work of bridegroom home bill of choose an auspicious day, the dress number that invites the man to tell the woman the bridegroom when holding wedding wants to wear (size) letter.

3. pay money

Bridegroom home receives a letter from bridal home (tiny stream auspicious) hind, the “ that should wear the bride when wedding collects damask ” and ” of “ marriage book to send a bride the home with marriage bookcase. Among them, collecting damask is before wedding a month sends commonly. Before holding wedding, mix ” of “ money other people ” of “ marriage book and “ are sealed collect ” outfit to follow ” of “ article catalog to send together together, this calls “ case ” . Accept of the ” of “ marriage book that the bride receives the article with the need when marrying and fee together, “ collects ” and “ 4 column ” is met all one's life keep in earnest, state oneself are right an a loyal heart of the husband, when going to the end till life, these things can accompany her to enter bier.
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