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Marriage according to bethel Peng Zhou has " Parisian goddess courtyard "

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Latter, one is located in the old church of half way up the mountain, imperceptible Chengdu and even Quan Chuanxin's person pat marriage gauze to illuminate most of favour " exterior bethel " one of. It is reported, this old church is located in Peng state city namely village of backwater of white Lu Zhen, having 100 years of histories " get a newspaper to repair a courtyard " , its situation special " concealment " . Drive to set out from Chengdu, road of macadam, earth, field alley should be passed in road, all previous jolt via 2 hours, just can see it " the truth of sth. " .

○ seek by inquiry

Hide in hill " Parisian goddess courtyard "

Yesterday early in the morning, from Chengdu last a period of time setting out the car Cheng of 2 hours, again pedestrian mount half half way up the mountain, the reporter saw fokelore is medium eventually " old church " . Two are shown " 8 " the stair of open air of circular arc form of the glyph, north and south grows about 120 meters advocate building, the wing-room with same size, the most special is the European gothic bethel of a model intermediate. High vaulted top, of shallow cream-colored color outside wall, plus the beige line with differ degree of finish, solemning is one is surmounted spatio-temporal " Parisian goddess courtyard " . Be on circuit round courtyard, discover whole structure returns the sense of part China siheyun suddenly, have the meaning of match well of some of Chinese and Western quite.

Tang Xuean of church nurse person's mother-in-law related a distant story to the reporter. 100 old before, one is called French missionary of Hong Chuanan, from a great distance will to Bai Lu press down, spend 20 old time, built this Catholic church here 1908 " get a newspaper to repair a courtyard " .

○ is told about

Cathedral photograph caused new personality attention

According to reporter understanding, old church is at first go up from the net " hot " those who rise. At the beginning, it is a few cameraman are patted " get a newspaper to repair a courtyard " photograph, the vicissitudes of life on the photograph and beautiful building, let this old church begin to be paid close attention to. Arrive on the weekend, cars of a lot of drive of photography lover Mu Ming are headed for, take European architectural look. Later, cameraman sends the picture to the net, caused the attention of the newlywed with numerous romantic pursuit again.

According to insider introduction, be in early 2003, see on the net to sweethearts cameraman films " get a newspaper to repair a courtyard " after the card, this cathedral is searched before Muming. At that time, the bride that dress marriage gauze bumps all the way is very uncomfortable, but just step into old church, she forgot the exhaustion in road immediately. Lean is by the side of the 100 many cathedral window lattice year ago, bridegroom and bride are like reincarnate become prince and princess. Since then, more and more new personality choose to film to here classic marriage gauze is illuminated.
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