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Quantity body is custom-built " love record is old "

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Tall gentleman comes in and go out often with the girlfriend recently shadow building, anthology next formula, deposit, make up take a picture, sampling engaging the load... nevertheless this is not to should be prepared to young lover marry, what they film also is not " a photograph of whole family " , however " sweethearts illuminates " : Without the white gauze of heavy and complicated, cheongsam, late outfit, the sweethearts that only oneself buy is recreational outfit; Not thick makeup China take beautiful scenery foil, the tacit agreement that wants true life setting and nature to reveal only... in the day with coming Valentine's Day, whether had you wanted to use modern photography technology custom-built photo of record of one collect love is old individual character, take on by oneself and the sweetheart that are enmeshed at sweet love river leading role, keep a true love memory?

Or only of the United States or vogue or make public " sweethearts piece "

  Custom-built one: Classic and literary big

Bai Ruide and the tale that consider Jia Lixiang to love, taking sadness and only beautiful, moving however the heart of everybody. Camera lens of photography of have the aid of, you are OK also and reincarnate noble of European palace palace, deduce resounding love story.

Of the most classical draw large audiences literary big, through only beautiful canvas feels before ground of a female soft beauty's classic the incisively and vividly that enrage charm is shown in camera lens, enough overturns the visual impression that photography of traditional marriage gauze brings, confirm love is earthshaking the ground only beautiful.

Or only of the United States or vogue or make public " sweethearts piece "

Custom-built 2: Fashionable day Han is big

"Day Han wind " coiled in fashionable bound so long, still do not have stopping evidence it seems that. "Haing Han breaths out day " precocious the keyword that is youth vogue, like to do trendy, like the style of unruly, might as well the sweethearts photo that will cover haing Han style closes according to.

Korea dress is main with delicate with the person that will attract dress at will, personate should fall in camera lens " day sweethearts of Han a group of things with common features " , remember nod the feeling with unruly and lazy languid, two people need not be behaved painstakingly close, through dress, deserve to act the role of, or original movement attracts eyeball, behave the make public of individual character, send out the tacit understanding of two people in casual, in relaxed and useful vogue deduces sweetness.
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