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KBS belle chairs gauze of marriage of Jiang Xiujing sweetness to illuminate

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Jiang Xiujing of Korea belle compere will be in this year in March, with Han Yi American Jin Mou holds wedding. The good friend discloses beside brilliant of the show that occupy ginger, jiang Xiujing will be in Hong Kong in March this year Jin Mou of ritzy guesthouse and some Han descendants American holds wedding. Accurate bridegroom Jin Mou of Jiang Xiujing ever breathed out Buddha university to complete MBA course in the United States, in Hong Kong at present some banking firm pursues fund manager job. Because the family member of bridegroom is in Hong Kong to live, because this is bridal,the choice is held in Hong Kong.

Jiang Xiujing and Jin Mou pass colleague introduction to be acquainted before 3 years and began association, will enter marital hall eventually after love of 3 years. What Jiang Xiujing belongs to broker company to divulge, jiang Xiujing also will continue after marry its act art activity, because this will be mixed Jin Mou be apart two ground. Jiang Xiujing regards Korea as famous female compere, be graduated from Yan Shida to learn life science major, made public recruit compere to enter KBS TV station as KBS 2002, held the position of in succession after this " female outstanding 6 " compere of purpose of integrity waiting for a person, became one of female compere with Korean highest gas.

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