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Pure of soft beauty marry the garment adorned trifling powerful red, blossom the nostalgic aura that gives grace restoring ancient ways, like Hollywood movie the romantic memory with that appreciably yellow extensive, clear pure beautiful woman ases if right now the aristocratic girl in those lingering stories, good get rid of is appeared as ice and snow, shallow laugh be full of angel like cherubic, pure and elegant temperament rares as the fragrant Hua Mei of fragrant Cheng Fang, the eternity that deduces a wind,flowers,snow and moon is fabulous.

The stereo flower that net gauze and filar damask make is beautiful and pure, the ornament is made the same score in humeral head add high temperament, scattering pearl ases if from petaline and drippy dew, pure and fresh and chic. Gauze pledges the bowknot of short glove is full of romantic feminine flavour, the gauze of damask qualitative marriage of elegance of the collect inside apropos echo. Coagulate eye is far look, high bride tenderness is like water.

The stereo rose choiceness that advanced gauze makes is chic, silent bloom before the bosom, lightsome petaline compose full whole body, need a bit breeze to be able to sway only a myriad amorous feelings, build clever and elegant romantic feeling. Pure beauty's lithe and graceful like flower Gui Youmei profile, the necklace with cabinet and delicate collocation, having infinite soft beauty, melting bride ases if play rose faery of the world.

The tall waist line of cultivate one's morality wraps concise of pectoral marriage gauze the move is elegant and costly, the romantic outline like mermaid draws the outline of the beautiful curve that carries a bride high, stereo plait Jian is having romantic administrative levels feeling, echo the drape design of bosom, will cabinet deductive pulling end clever unsurpassed of essence of life. Long model condole dropping necklace brings high one's style of work as well as one's moral quality, glove of gules bud silk is the window of integral attire undoubtedly, bring the nostalgic aura of Hollywood.

Pure damask face wraps gauze of pectoral type marriage to having concise and fluent line, deducing hertz the classical grace of this type, palace type clipping and melting falbala cooperate romantic gauze net deck to give lovely princess temperament, gorgeous red rose and ablaze and costly necklace exalt luxuriant feeling of whole, low eyebrow is shallow laugh it is endless girl feelings, suit the bride of temperamental Qing Chun most.
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