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Open marriage is illuminated film clew

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Must experience to marrying illuminate according to marriage gauze, new people has not been satisfied at studio in drab and reduplicative setting, it is more and more popular that open marriage gauze is illuminated. But relatively of facilities of studio of Yu Ying building all ready with field fixed, open marriage gauze is illuminated had those who want many preparation job is trival. Nevertheless, really studio cannot be likened to outdoor nature scenery and natural setting, what want a consideration only is again a bit more meticulous, ready-made, can achieve satisfactory result certainly. The close hint that sees us!

The first, want to take an a few more professional makeup girl. Makeup girl is more important really, it is after all should pat marriage gauze to illuminate and not be average life according to, professional makeup girl has professional makeup appliance and cosmetic, can allow your get twice the result with half the effort. Before had better be being illuminated additionally, a few days of belts wear the ground the dress and makeup girl meet, those who let makeup girl asks to yours and should prepare east east know fairly well. Can not look down upon, when we go patting marriage gauze to illuminate, of smooth makeup girl east east with respect to 3 big cases.

Additional, in photography process makeup girl keeps filling even makeup, in order to make sure you are radiant from beginning to end.

The 2nd, must remember taking a small watering can, irrigate a flower the sort of go. Because take the dress in the past to may appear a few ruffles, outdoors uses electric iron impossibly, this small watering can is sent on big use.   

The 3rd, the person that helps besides cameraman is not disrelished much! Want, still have clothing division, prop division, lighting engineer even the post that modelling division waits a moment needs a person! We went that more than 20 people, besides 6 cameraman, which do not have at a loose end, great the hill that starts you is friendly people go together. Additional, if the auxiliary equipment of photography glances board, sunshade board should be taken all ready, such ability produce wonderful natural light to incisively and vividly.   

The 4th, cameraman looks for a few more, every cameraman has him film style, meet you keep the good memory of different style. But cameraman had better be the master that use number sheet turns over, cameraman people the bridegroom that sees beauty, bride has the impulse that presses shutter madly, or film can let you pat those who go bankrupt. We that altogether patted more than 2000 pieces, this should be film, i...  

So, be no good really borrow a few to go! Of course film also should prepare a few.   

The 5th, special remind brides: This is when you are the most beautiful, scarcely wants to grudge to oneself! The good-looking and amused dress that can think you to rise and toy are taken, much commutation ability lets cameraman have a feeling more! Believe you that day is the most beautiful!   
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