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Western ground of marriage gauze exterior 6 big heaven

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In Sichuan this " western marriage gauze exterior is regnal " in, is your marriage gauze willing to choose according to exterior ground where? This period, we ask the personage inside course of study to come show one show western the beauty of ground of marriage gauze exterior --

10 thousand mus of Hua Haishi resemble a lake

Annual March, the advent of the tulip section with royal area of Shi Xianghu scene is adumbrative spring, in circumference the grow on 100 mus lawn is worn tulip of 1 million individual plant, pale pinkish grey of yellow, white, purple, pink, lotus, univalve, answer valve... them along spread upland, strewn at random have send the ground to be being opened, scene area 100 mus virgin forest, the lake water with labyrinthian meandering, quaint as ancient as hill town... these elements are Shi Xianghu serves as western the glamour place of base of gauze of optimal exterior marriage. No matter be the ramble in the forest, return be Hua Haizhong to answer eye, form a romantic and sweet moving setting.

Downy amorous feelings conch channel

Downy beauty always gives a person a kind of shock: The sky of azure blue, lofty snow mountain, noiseless dorp, of eyeful verdant, each place, OK editing and rearrangement gives a picturesque beautiful scenery. Spring, in conch channel the big edge that cross a river crosses, cross-strait pear flower is like snow, oily cauliflower is golden full ground; From altitude many meters 1000 river valley goes to more than meters 5000 high mountain ground to take, orchid, the one after another of beautiful flowers and grass such as high mountain azalea, wild lily, primrose blossoms in highland, make the background with exterior marriage the most beautiful gauze.

Scene is picturesque 4 girl hill

4 girls hill is enjoyed " Sichuan hill empress " beautiful praise, here has downy and peculiar clean blue sky, pure white Bai Xue, with strange peak different tree, flying waterfall sheds brook of spring, meadow to blend into a bizarre landscape, it is the exterior land that takes ideal of open marriage gauze. Especially spring, green grass is like mattress here, wild flower everywhere, chan of running water Chan, scene is picturesque.

Snow mountain beautiful scenery finishs canopy channel

Finish canopy channel has the snow mountain, laky, forest setting view that fits marriage gauze photography very much not only, and the distinct advantage that has photography job car to enter core scene area directly. Current, the orgnaization of marriage gauze photography such as V2 has new personality to enter the plan that finishs canopy channel films all the year round. In finish canopy channel, if which day did not film,marriage gauze instead became news.

Bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration horn river

The horn river of spring likes Qing Li's woman, the leaf is verdant in pluvial mist be about to drip, lake is in of mist envelop next misty rain wispy, in gorge, all sorts of wild flower are everywhere. Vernal bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration, summertime quiet and beautiful is delightful, flowery profusion of the autumn, the hiemal is silver-coated. Each season, can catch here beautiful beautiful scenery.
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