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Individual character is bridal more and more make a kind of trend

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Our newspaper Yantai on November 20 dispatch now " 80 hind " the mainstream that generation becomes finish marriage, pursuit " extraordinary " individual character is bridal more and more make a kind of trend, these individual character ask a few marriage that also let Yantai celebrate a company to ward off blows hard, 20 days, a marriage of Yantai celebrates a company to use hiemal marriage off-season, take out 10 thousand yuan of gift to collect marriage celebrate originality gold drop, it is the marriage 2008 ahead of schedule hectic fever body.

20 days, the shop of Chun Bo flower that is located in street of Na Hong of Yantai city downtown, hit to hold " originality plan designs a contest " banner, drew the attention of many citizens. Take part in the match content includes the category such as celebration of marriage Qing Liyi, enterprise, among them the most absorbing value that still wants several elite award 10800 yuan of formal certificate.

According to Chun Bo flower Sun Chunmei of formal company staff member introduces, holding such contest is to let " 80 hind " new people gives " force " . In last few years, "80 hind " the mainstream crowd that new personality becomes finish marriage, and mind of this generation person is very active, tell not only those who beg bridal ceremony is grand and chic, more the personalized difference that cares about wedding. The requirement with more and more distinct now new personality, also give marriage celebrated a company to pose many difficult problem, what puts wedding of flying butterfly, meadow, candle power wedding to wait no longer novel, also have individual character of new factitious pursuit, not hesitate on the flower tens of thousands of yuan will make bridal plan.

It is the demand that comes from new personality on one hand, on the other hand the pressure of intense competition also is in between the person of the same trade increase ceaselessly. The key that competes between each company had turned to originality to go up from the service, which originality is good, bridal have distinguishing feature, attend the potential client of marriage banquet to those with respect to meeting hook in.

Often meet very quickly as a result of bridal originality outdated, marriage celebrate a company only employee is finite after all, want to assure to ceaselessly new originality satisfies new personality to ask so, collect to social all circles with respect to need " golden drop " , and this the contest also is to be coming 2008 marriage to celebrate a height year prepare.

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