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New pattern suffers accurate bride to chase after hold in both hands

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Recently, by China net of marriage of for a long time of portal of the first marriage (Www.99wed.com) marry on the 3rd sponsorred net exhibit in Shanghai the station kicks off, exhibit can be 10 days in all. Mode of this kind of burgeoning choose and buy got allow newlywed person chase after hold in both hands, inadequacy is begun two days in the activity, the order for goods on the net is as high as 300 many, this sponsors square expect beyond greatly.

Exhibit this foundation of can successful experience can be exhibited twice to go up before draw lessons from, invited the marriage inside Shanghai area to celebrate gauze of service, marriage in all the industry such as modelling of formal attire of gauze of diamond of photography, gem, marriage, colour makeup, general merchandise happy candy many 100 high grade brand marries service business collective yields benefit, highest privilege 50% . The businessman in whole activity is exhibited, talk about sheet, trade to all undertake on the net. "Can main service is extended on this second net at because the job is busy, be used to the white-collar new personality that consumes on the net. " sponsor marriage of square for a long time to say, celebrate a group to buy compared with traditional marriage meeting, the group on the net is bought can have cycle long, district extent of absoluteness, discount is fast and big, convenient wait for a characteristic. In the meantime, this second exhibit meeting general to be enabled adequately " system of public praise of businessman of marriage of for a long time " , let allow new personality to understand each businessman public praise to be worth, the security that safeguard network trades safeguards new personality to close right increase, choose easily in numerous businessman.

"The marriage on the net is exhibited can never leave home not only anthology marriage article, and choice time is sufficient, the petty gain with relative also value. " already played the view that the marriage on the net exhibited trading foliaceous young lady to convey his to be exhibited to the marriage on the net this year, now youth, work at ordinary times busier, do not have what time goes a home to run, price of sex of home of not clear also where is compared tall. The pattern that extend marries to suit quite on the net the youth's idea is mixed now actual condition, do not accept the restriction of time and district. OK on the net " reason " quite each businessman serves and product and the public praise that its get on in the net are worth, valence compares final determinism best businessman, price comparing is favourable at ordinary times very convenient still.

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