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Love only advisory bend affection makes front courtyard wedding

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A day of this year October, far of the 90 advanced age in Gansu Province the grandma received a precious gift, a piece of CD that by the grandchildren of Suzhou Shen Ming sends. CD recorded grandchildren and the happy setting that marry with grandson's wife, after letting a respectful form of address for an old person look so excited that burst into tears. A satisfactory Suzhou marriage celebrates the sweetheart that a piece of small CD gave Shen Ming and him ceremony.
Shen Ming lives together from Xiaohe grandma, read later the job comes to Suzhou, because busy, very rare sky goes back visit a grandma. Marry nowadays to the wife marriage of a Suzhou celebrates a ceremony, because of the grandma year the work is expensive already inconvenience comes over to attend. The happiness that cannot let an old person witness his is a kind of regret, place is good is they chose a meticulous and considerate marriage to celebrate a company. This piece of You Aiwei law court is superior love CD, graph Wen Bingmao, echoism has both, your person finds everything new and fresh. It is become by digital photograph assemble editing, with different switch means a piece of Zhang Zhan comes out now, form to move feel and fluent picture, deserve to have pleasant Suzhou folk song " good a beautiful jasmine flower " , the most seductive is a picture those who begin to have a Chinese is bright red " happy happy event " word, deserve to have moving character " hold your hand, live to old age in conjugal bliss " . Straight boast grandson's wife is beautiful after the old person was seeing CD kind and gentle virtuous, weep again happy, the times feeling in the heart is gratified. A piece of small CD became round the wish of bridegroom bride, the family that lets remoteness a thousand li also can experience happiness together, experienced festival Suzhou marriage to celebrate a ceremony.
The market is celebrated to go up in Suzhou marriage nowadays, the marriage of diversity of form thering is no lack of celebrates a company, but resemble loving only front courtyard such, can consider for new personality already complete, the marriage that can accomplish individual character to innovate again celebrates a company not much. Loving only front courtyard, senior and bridal adviser celebrates psychology to Suzhou marriage the investigation analysis that this project had half an year of by a definite date, detailed the demand that knew newlywed person of Suzhou this locality, the body that measure a body had something made to order many individual character that accords with Suzhou new personality is bridal; Professional plan division can be Suzhou lover music music compose a poem to a given tune of ci, grasp keep love motion picture; Handle affairs rigorous there is no lack of again the bridal plan division of individual character, do one's best lets every perfect to the wedding of new personality, innovation, be full of passion. . . . . . Lake of the golden pheasant that confuse condition is bridal, hello Kitty theme is bridal, wedding of theme of rice strange mice is love etc only the classical master piece of joint efforts of colleague of front courtyard collectivity. Love only the major of 5 stars class serves front yard, the service personnel of high quality, in marriage bridal program is paid attention to in celebrating, each bits each full of the blessing to new personality, to bridal attention.
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