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Ancient costume ancient scene selects originality again

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■ Yu La of our newspaper reporter trainee Liu admires

Traditional, add little innovation, do not take care to be able to become fashion, wedding of Chinese traditional pattern is not exceptional also.

On the base that preserves traditional and bridal woof, this " old tradition plays a way newly " the vintage marriage that be accepted increasingly by new personality, this of course immediately by " Changjiang Delta element " act art engineer nose of Zhu Jian of company general manager.

2008, "Changjiang Delta element " wait for Suzhou marriage to celebrate enterprise and the folk-custom guild hall that give priority to with managing travel project formerly -- tiger Qiu Dingyuan cooperates hand in hand, meaning the environmental installation that using calm garden to perfect, through blending in professional modern art wedding engineers an element, make its Suzhou exclusive a professional folk-custom wedding is exclusive base, open to consumer of broad new personality with distinctive and novel form. The beginning of the year, a royal imitate folk-custom wedding was held inside calm garden.

Inside the curtilage of classic grace, lotus boat holds newlywed person, the bridal sedan chair receives happy Cheng, cry golden play music, happy event do obeisance to heaven and earth... thick folk-custom atmosphere is in full-dress under diffuse to come. The reporter's bridal to this imitate main organizer Zhu Jian and hold the position of the Hua Dong marriage that chair to celebrate person party chief, China to engineer association marriage to celebrate a plan Bao Ming of senior lecturer Yu had a special report respectively.

Shanghai revive two ground marriage celebrate the market to predict total battalion closes this year 4 100 million

Reporter: What did you consider as to drive marriage is those who celebrate consumptive market active? Did marriage of Hua Dong area celebrate the market to expand scope 2007 how?

Yu Baoming: Arrive from 2004 2006, the whole nation was held for many times marriage celebrate compere contest and bridal exposition. The guiding of public opinion and media the conduct propaganda that wait makes more and more people begin attention marriage to celebrate this industry, had the understanding of deepness and knowledge to its. More and more people begin to participate in and blend in this domain very well, this market expands slowly from this.

These a few years, china is in the fastigium that population is born again, countrywide marriage rate rises ceaselessly, those who consume demand drive make marriage celebrate an industry the perspective of this market is more wide. At present marriage of Hua Dong area celebrates the market overall development state of affairs is first-rate. Shanghai and Suzhou close in the total battalion 2007 amount to more than 200000000, occupy marriage of area of whole Hua Dong to celebrate the 35%% of the market. Predict total battalion of two ground annual closed 2008 can amount to more than 400000000.
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