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Collective is bridal: Enjoy romance to savour sweetness

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"Happy and perfect marriage begins from successful and unforgettable wedding. " in recent years, as the changes of the fashionable demand of people and life viewpoint of value, sundry collective wedding emerges in endlessly, the for fashionable tide scramble for sth that the citizen also inspects. Collective wedding flung the content with traditional grandiose, trival wedding, new personality needs to cost a few cost only, the others program by hold just monopolize, it is a kind already grand romantic, your person is fixed eyes upon and do not break classic form, also be vogue of modern newly-wed especially the bride, contracted go after with the life of individual character.

A bridal history is transitional

More than 30 years ago, yang Jiao town greeted a flock of lively greeting to kiss a team. Bridegroom is wearing grey black business suit, ride bike of card of a phoenix, the bride wears clothes of a big safflower, cutting Qi Er's bingle, in the sister cluster round next sitting get on the bicycle of bridegroom, build by bridegroom come home do obeisance to hall marry... this is Chen Yanmei aunt in those days " marry celebration " . Old aunt is laughing to tell a reporter: "In those days my old partner that body Western-style clothes makes a person do on country fairdyke, short small, wear rise resemble a student elder brother. I grumble in the heart all the way, he wears a military uniform to look fortunately some! He wears a military uniform to look fortunately some!!

Old aunt tells a reporter, in that time, a lot of men and womens lack the opportunity of intercourse, male marriage female marry introduce by woman matchmaker completely. Be like bilateral character 8 " close very much " , come and go between both sides by woman matchmaker, exchange views hire gold and dotal matters concerned to wait, if had been discussed,hire gold, the man sends corresponding gift to the woman, undertake alleged " betrothal " . "Betrothal " later, both sides is again consultative marry, "Auspicious day " ask choose of character 8 gentleman to decide by the man, classics woman agrees, this marriage is fulfilled.

Since 90 time, people's standard of living rises substantially, wedding also had change subsequently. Marriage gauze is illuminated into the first selection project of new personality, beautiful car was become preside over a wedding ceremony car, conjugal motorcade is counted less, many tens of, drape a band of red silk over sb's shoulders takes prize, vast and mighty, go up in the street slowly had sailed, very conspicuous. And wedding and marriage banquet all are held in guesthouse or hotel.

In recent years, as people life character rise, "Collective and bridal wind " also warm up gradually. Collective wedding advocates the marital viewpoint of value of vogue of contracted make public, individual character and active health and marriage celebrate consumptive outlook, for place of youth of broad of the right age love to see and hear, make new people scramble for sth. And, collective wedding is held just give strange court, your new people stayed lifetime and unforgettable romantic memory. Recently, a few attend the new new mankind of collective wedding, agitato mentioned their collective and bridal view to the reporter.
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