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Marriage celebrate company contest to grab " cake of Olympic Games wedding "

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Now Yangzhou network news: Stone gentleman begins to manage a marriage to celebrate formal company from 2005, enter 2008 Olympic Games year, stone gentleman nots hesitate principal, went to Beijing and Shanghai technically, to the company study of course of study of person of the same trade, strive for make have distinguishing feature, have grade " the Olympic Games is bridal " , in order to attract a client. As we have learned, to contend for an Olympic Games year " bridal cake " , the personage inside the industry of raise city goes the person of go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao is absent a few.

   Olympic Games year marriage celebrate warm up

Stone gentleman tells a reporter, so far, their make an appointment the quantity had obtained the in part last year, predict the portfolio hopeful this year breaks up than last year time. As we have learned, marriage celebrate an industry to suffer a particular year and seasonal effect apparent, the likelihood is gloomy last year, prosperous however this year, compared a gloomy year in the past namely 2007, the marriage that according to not complete count about 3 is become celebrates a company to close to perhaps turn row.

As we have learned, without giving thought to company size, the portfolio this year promotes considerably than last year, especially the company with big dimensions, ascendant range is more distinct. Many new personality that are about to marry also express, they can marry last year originally, think of this year is an Olympic Games year, flat wait a moment again, the happy event that holds an Olympic Games is angry.

   Young marriage celebrates a company in " stage a come back "

This year will be to marry flourishing year, numerous businessman itch to try prepares cent to feed an Olympic Games " bridal cake " . The eye looks at the market tremendous, many is in last year stealthily of close a business in young marriage celebrates a company to open the door afresh again, prepare " stage a come back " . Stone gentleman tells a reporter, ceaselessly the practice, characteristic that closed to become this industry it seems that, because this goes into travel doorsill low, investment is small, a piece of a computer, desk, give in the chummage of half an year again, a marriage celebrated a company to be able to open business. But, what these companies do actually is intermediary job, the collect such as the car that should use wedding, flower, dress, emcee, field is together " bale " sell, collection serves cost.

Characteristic, grade just is existent path

Face marriage celebrate a company increasing, industry the current situation with more and more transparent, smaller and smaller gain, the personage inside raise city industry reminds, suffer period sex to affect bigger marriage to celebrate service line of business, already more and more development makes the trade with plan and brand get victory, if rely on intermediary to serve only in busy season " the meal that mix a mouth has " , the long-term development that goes against a company, also go against the promotion of industry whole quality.
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